Innovative solutions

We offer innovative solutions to transport your cargo anywhere in the world.

Air transport is ideal for your cargo to reach its destination in the shortest time possible, we have an extensive network of flights.

To calculate the volume of your load the length • width • height is required

Gross Weight

It is the total weight of the shipment including the packaging and it is also used as a collectible weight in the case of heavy cargo in relation to its volume weight, it can also be called high density cargo, mostly expressed in kilos (kg)..

Testable Weight

The gross weight and the volume weight are compared. The highest of them is the collectible weight.


Weight Volume

It is calculated based on the formula Length X Width X Height / 6000. Voluminous load in relation to its gross weight or also called low density load, this load the collectible weight is established based on its volume.


The gross weight or volume weight must be rounded to the fraction greater than half a kilogram (0.51 to 0.99 kg) and rounded to the next whole kg. If the fraction is exactly equal to 0.5 kg then it is not rounded.

Remember to convert your measurements to centimeters!

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