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Together with our commercial partners we offer integral solutions to provide solutions to the most complex transport tasks.

We have Flat Rack and Open Top containers that will allow cargo to move with oversize over height, length and width. Likewise with Reefer equipment for the handling of refrigerated cargo with controlled temperature.



Through our alliances with shipping companies we are able to offer a wide and modern fleet of maritime containers, from dry containers, refrigerated containers with controlled temperature, and special equipment.

Refrigerated Load

Reefer containers or refrigerated containers are used to transport goods that require controlled temperature conditions in transit, such as fruit, vegetables, dairy products and meat.

It is equipped with a refrigeration unit that connects to the electrical network of the ship, the port terminals and the trucks. They have a temperature control disc that will reflect the temperature of the container from the time the merchandise is loaded in a warehouse of origin until it reaches the destination warehouse.

Flat Floor


Flat Rack containers are suitable for the transport of heavy loads as well as goods that require a special load due to their dimensions, such as pipes and machinery.

There are two models: with folding sides and fixed sides. Flat Rack containers are manufactured with steel and come in 20′ and 40′.

Open Ceiling


Open top containers have a removable canvas roof instead of a solid roof. They are specially designed for the transport of heavy or large loads. They usually have doors at the ends to give flexibility for loading and unloading operations.

Open top containers have a removable canvas roof instead of a solid roof.





Platform containers come without extreme laterals and without roof. They are used for shipments with EXTENDED MEASUREMENTS and with difficulties in loading. It is a fixed base to which the merchandise must be grounded.

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