Consolided Charge

We are experts in consolildada cargo logistics, full container loading and oversized cargo.
Our work is supported by the most important shipping companies.

Containers loaded only with their merchandise.

Whatever the destination, we will deliver your cargo on time and within budget, across borders, across continents and around the world.

Through our partnerships with shipping companies we are able to offer a large and modern fleet of maritime containers, from dry containers, refrigerated containers with controlled temperature, and special equipment.




Dry containers de 20′ y 40′(propósito general) están fabricados de aluminio o acero. Son adecuados para todo tipo de mercancía. Los contenedores de aluminio permiten mayor capacidad de peso de mercancía, mientras que, por lo general, los de acero disponen de una capacidad de cúbico interno, ligeramente superior.


Due to its higher height (2.69mts versus 2.40mtrs), High Cube containers are ideal for transporting light or bulky merchandise. The 40 ‘and 45’ containers are made of steel or aluminum. The containers of 45’HC are special containers and not all the shipping companies have this type of containers nor are they found in all commercial routes.

We are experts in cargo logistics from multiple suppliers, we can consolidate your merchandise in an organized, agile and efficient way.

We optimize the use of containers as part of our consolidation services..



To calculate the volume of your load the length • width • height is required


Gross Weight

It is the total weight of the shipment including the packaging and it is also used as a collectible weight in the case of heavy cargo in relation to its volume weight, it can also be called high density cargo, mostly expressed in tons.


Voluminous load in relation to its gross weight or also called low density load, this load the collectible weight is established based on its volume.


Testable Weight

The gross weight and volume (CBM) are compared. The highest of them is the collectible weight.



We offer loose load solutions. Our solutions for fractional cargo, both short and intercontinental sea routes.

An extensive network of executives, we will make your project possible…